Visual/UX Designer and Leader

I'm Mathew Schweitzer, a visual and UX designer with over 13 years in the design industry. I have expertise in creating beautiful customer-centric digital experiences and work across teams to ensure cohesive design solutions.

What I Do

Visual Design
I take visual concepts and transform them into beautiful pixel-perfect designs, paying close attention to the minute details. I create style guides and design specs, and partner with engineering on implementation.
UX/Interaction Design
I solve customer pain points by asking "why?" to generate insights and deliver great end-to-end experiences.
To find the best solution, I start my design process in low-fidelity wireframes or some other method such as a white board. This helps avoid putting too much time into an idea that may not work and is a quick way to iterate and find the best solution before moving into higher fidelity.
I love building out prototypes to communicate ideas that are not possible with static screens. Each click, hover, tap and scroll is important and I get extra nerdy with making sure each of these micro-interactions are thought through and intuitive.
Pattern Libraries
I don't like reinventing the wheel every time I am solving a problem. Through building out pattern libraries, I am able to work more efficiently and ensure cohesion in the end-to-end customer experience. This helps speed up design and engineering time.

Brands I've Designed for

If you are looking for an experienced designer and leader, please reach out!