Visual Design, Art Direction

The Setup

Design for the Action Bible, a fully-illustrated comic Bible.

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Orignal Artwork

The Approach

As a web designer I was tasked with the art direction and design of this site. Having access to beautiful artwork from an artist who had previously done work for Marvel and DC comics, I knew I wanted to showcase as much of it on the site as I could. My guiding principle was to let the art speak for itself.

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Final Design - Free Samples
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Final Design - Meet the Artist

The Solution

As I began to compile the artwork in different ways, the site really came together in its final form. It was quite literally a collage of all the artwork and showcased the illustrations perfectly. My favorite part was getting flashes of lightning to illuminate the clouds as ambient thunder sounds played in the background. The site also won a Webby award for the design.

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Final Design - Home Page
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Final Design - Where to Buy
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