Visual Design, UX

The Setup

User accounts for After a migration to a new platform, user accounts that once existed were excluded in the process as a business decision. After some years on the new platform, it was decided that we needed to bring user accounts back to attract repeat customers.

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Final Design - App Landing
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Final Design - Main Menu

The Approach

As a Senior Designer I was tasked with partnering with product to create user accounts from scratch. As part of this process, we would invite old customers back (via an email) to come and try out our "new" user accounts. As a result, parity features from our previous user accounts were part of the requirements.

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Final Design - Sign Up
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Final Design - My Bookings
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Final Design Desktop - My Bookings
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Final Design Desktop - Personal Information

The Solution

Competitive analysis revealed many patterns and design elements that were common and expected in user accounts. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I leaned heavily on user account design patterns to create each screen. As part of this project I also designed all the emails that would be sent related to user accounts such as "Welcome", "Forgot Password" and "Delete Account". The end result was an intuitve and cohesive user experience that would be familiar to many customers and that integrated seamlessly with the rest of the site.

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